Refund Policy

If at any time during the 7 days, including the date of purchase, the Customer asks for a refund. A full refund will be issued within 3 business days. Refunds may take longer than that to reach the customer’s bank due to bank processing or other things outside of our control that could cause delays.

If a refund is given within the 7 day period, the PV will be automatically deducted from the commissions system before commissions are paid.

If a corporate exception is mad and a refund is processed after the 7 day period a negative PV amount will be assessed in the commission system and will last for the same period that normal PV would last.

If a customer is found to be repeatedly purchasing and requesting refunds, they may have their account with Auvoria Prime terminated and/or investigated in appropriate circumstances for possible fraud.


All chargebacks will be taken seriously and chargeback with the intent to defraud or cheat the compensation system will be strongly investigated and legal action shall be started if the actions of the Customer are found to be fraudulent.


We have placed multiple features within our system to prevent credit cards, addresses, emails and other data from being used on multiple accounts. We also work with processors who are fully compliant with all PCI and other regulations for data privacy.

We take fraud very seriously and have precautions and protocols in place that include but are not limited to, suspension, termination, and/or legal actions where necessary.


In the event and where necessary that a refund processed after 7 days or a chargeback occurs, we reserve the right where we find appropriate to claw back Direct Sales Bonuses and Momentum Builder bonuses paid on those orders.


If you need to contact customer service regarding your refund please use the following methods in order.

  1. Submit a ticket at the Help Desk
  2. Send an email to [email protected]
  3. Call and leave a message: ‪(307) 209-4584‬