Ainstein is the international counterpart of Alexander.  The main difference is that once the user has chosen their own desired risk settings, trade pairs, and duration of trades, Ainstein can systematize trade execution without manually approving every single trade.

Customers can still open and close trades at anytime. Again, the customer has full control over their entire trading environment. This product is only offered in markets where manual input is not required on every single trade opportunity alert. 

What makes Ainstein a good Expert Advisor?


Alexander is an advanced AI software that allows for users to potentially identify and take advantage of trends. Full control is in the hands of the user, as they are able to adjust settings to their own desired levels of risk and strategy management as they take manual trades.

What makes Alexander a good Expert Advisor?


Airis has been created as an add-on component for Alexander and Ainstein. Airis uses AI and pattern recognition to alert users when potential market breakouts may be forming. When used in conjunction with our other tools, Airis may help identify potentially successful trade opportunities depending on the users knowledge of manual trading, and ability to understand how price breakouts develop in the marketplace.

What makes Airis good for Forex trading?


Aiva is the Auvoria Prime Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant. She is a Social ecosystem mobile app. She has been created to allow Auvorians everywhere to receive discounts and savings on their travel and shopping needs.

Aiva also gives our members in third world countries ease of access into the ecommerce world through mobile to mobile payment integrations.

Aiva is so advanced that a list of all of her features and benefits and the many ways that she will enhance the lives of our fellow Auvorians simply cannot be listed in a summary like this one. Aiva is just… priceless.